What lives now ,no longer the same.

What now have ,no longer belongs  forever.

Missing you my dear brother


​The ashes of deities 

Its believed that every kind of images of diviens are too holy after the creation by any methods and people of my country also  believed that its  very sinful if someone  ruins them but when i see the praying  flags on which there are  many images of deities are turning into dust like ashes under the people’s feet which carried by wind to the way where people take circummabulate for different seeds of virtue , i wondered that whether the wind is sinful or the actual creator.

But more  than this,i wonder about the lastness of one’s life.If people slowly can ignore when  the images of god and goddess to whom they respected so much  are under their feet and even if some people pick them up and put somewhere a little higher but still ,those pieces will fall and somehow  be walked over again by someone else.

Then what about a person’s existence ? How should one become so much strong so that others can’t reach him or her to stepped over and make one nothing at all.



For you my dear friend.

Friendship is not something which develops with so many other feelings and intentions, Its also need its own way of shaping our psychology for considering the other person as someone whom you can call a friend.

A friend is the most important person who can be there for you in any kinds of conditions no matter how you are and this type of affection can only build up with a pure mind set.

Don’t take your friends and friendship so easily because its also a matter of human understanding and love for one another and those who stand with you for some benefits is not a friend but  a parasite.

Try to remind yourself how happy you are today because of having so many friends and their priceless cares.

Always remember the saying that”

 A happy life is when you dream big, work hard for it, laugh a lot and value what you have” 

Being a person, we all need to depend on each other and we should be very grateful and   we should know how lucky we are because of  others.

At the end of our breath,nothing can help us to take one last peaceful breath but those act of cares and love of someone  else.They maybe your children, maybe your friend , Maybe your wife and maybe some strangers.

So learn how to value the love and cares we get from anyone because thats the only one which worth count more than anything.

26/07/ 2015